20 Places You Can Tower Garden [Photos]

You may have heard that a key benefit of Tower Garden is that you can grow virtually anywhere, thanks to its compact, vertical design. But like so many things in life, you kind of have to see it to believe it, right?

If you agree, you’ll probably be interested to know that Tower Garden asked growers to show where they garden last month. And in response, Tower Gardeners really showcased that “virtually anywhere” idea.

Of the 138 photos shared, there were several fantastic (and some unusual) examples. I thought it would be fun to highlight a few. So without further ado, here are 20 places you can Tower Garden.

1. On a Balcony

Have 3 sq. ft. to spare on your balcony? That’s prime Tower Garden real estate! (Photo by Samantha)

2. In a Backyard

OK, so nothing revolutionary. But Arlene’s Tower Garden looks amazing.

3. On an Island

Hawaii, to be exact. Jealous? So am I. (Photo by Nikki)

4. In a Classroom

Like Gloria, teachers all over the U.S. are starting to grow Tower Gardens with their students. Pretty neat, right? (That’s why I wrote this post about school gardens.)

5. Next to a Pond

Not sure about you, but I’m feeling relaxed after simply looking at MaryAnn’s picture.

6. In a Front Yard

Grass is boring. Why not grow a Tower Garden instead? As an added perk, it’ll give the neighbors something to talk about. (Photo by Lisa)

7. Beside Two English Bulldogs

Bonus points they’re wearing bandanas like Mandi’s pups are.

8. In a Greenhouse

If you’re DIY-inclined, build the greenhouse from scratch like some Tower Gardeners have done. (Photo by Karon)

9. By a Pool

Swim-up juice bar, anyone? (Photo by Maria)

10. In a Side Yard

OK, I’m done featuring yards, promise. (Photo by Carol)

11. On a Porch

It’s best if your porch has an awesome view, like Jennifer’s does.

12. In a Car

So I wouldn’t recommend trying this (and surely this Tower Garden is actually being transported rather than grown in a car). But I’m impressed by Susannah’s creativity!

13. On a Miniature Farm

This is basically my dream. Well played, VertiFarms. Well played.

14. On a Lanai

I know it’s hard to believe, but there is actually a Tower Garden beneath all that green. (Photo by Laurie)

15. On a Rooftop

What a cool, smart way to make use of “dead space”—an interesting term I once heard Tower Garden Developer Tim Blank use in reference to urban rooftops. (Photo by Rachel)

16. Under a Cat

I already featured dogs above. So I couldn’t, in good conscience, leave out cats. (Photo by Shayna)

17. In a Kitchen

I think it’s safe to say, no other setup will allow you to go Tower-to-Table faster.

18. On a Patio

This is a great example of a classic place to Tower Garden. (Photo by Sue)

19. In a Living Room

All your friends will envy you (like Dan’s did) when there’s snow on the ground, but you’re still enjoying freshly harvested greens. Ah, the joys of gardening indoors.

20. Near a Mountain

If Joshua’s incredible view wouldn’t motivate you to check on your Tower Garden at least once a day, I’m not sure anything would.

Inspired to Share Where You Tower Garden?

I’d love to see where you grow (as I’m sure other Tower Gardeners would), too. Post your pictures on the Tower Garden Facebook Page, or share them on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #TowerGarden so we can see!

Which of these pictures is your favorite? Leave a comment and let me know.

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