High Capacity Submersible Pump

High Capacity Submersible Pump

The High Capacity Submersible Pump is small in size but capable of pumping more gallons per minute with more pressure than the standard Tower Garden Submersible Pump. As a result, this pump allows you to grow your Tower Garden with two or more Extension Kits.



If you purchase this product with a Tower Garden Growing System, you’re eligible for monthly payments.

This pump is rated at 793 GPH, 0.8 amps, 58 watts @ 120 VAC/60 Hz. Assuming you run your pump 12 hours a day (that’s 15-minutes on, 15-minutes off, all day and night) and your power company charges you 12 cents per kilowatt hour, that would come out to roughly $2.51 per month, $30.12 per year.

  • Shipping included

    Additional shipping required for HI and PR. Please call Tower Garden Customer Care at 1-866-235-0414 for more details and ordering instructions.
  • We offer an easy one-year limited warranty. So if you have any problems during your first year with your Tower Garden Growing System, we’ll happily repair or replace components as necessary for free.
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